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Shawndell Winfield

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Empowerment Influencer

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Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, Empowerment Influencer, Shawndell Winfield, earned a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Regent University. She is a Certified Life Coach and certified in Christian Counseling Techniques. She loves encouraging, inspiring, and empowering others. Through the That Settles It Podcast and Blog, speaking engagements, workshops, and every human interaction, Shawndell encourages people by showing them that the solution to everything we face is found in God’s Word.

Shawndell's motto and belief are, “If God said it, then That Settles It.”

Shawndell has facilitated countless Job Readiness, Resume Writing, Vision Board, Self-esteem, Time Management, and Life Skills Workshops/Seminars for many different entities, including several organizations throughout the Hampton Roads area: Tidewater Community College, Norfolk Public Schools, HER Shelter, VA Cares, Firm Foundation of Virginia, Reynolds & Associates (for Returning Citizens), Christian Women Alliance, as well as several local churches.

In 2018. Shawndell launched "Design-Her Destiny," a program that provides gently used (authentic) Designer handbags filled with beauty products and other gifts to encourage and inspire women to continue working towards their destiny.

Shawndell’s sincere desire is to stand before God empty, because she will have used everything He has given her to bless this world.  Shawndell has been blessed with the gifts of administration, organization, and leadership, to name a few. She believes that everything we are given is not to keep to ourselves for selfish gain, but to share and empower others.

Shawndell firmly believes:

“Giving is the best gift, and every person possesses this gift.”

A Message from Me to YOU:

On this journey, we are going to work together to help you discover all the Greatness that has already been placed inside of you; and despite what your past looks like, your best days are ahead of you, for “Your latter shall be better than your former.”  YOUR BEST IS YET TO COME! God said it and That Settles It!!!



Shawndell Winfield

Empowerment Influencer

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